Dr. Hyo Choi (崔孝)



    Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences

    College of Natural Sciences,

    Gangneung-Wonju National University

    Gangneung Campus, Gangwondo 210-702

   Republic of Korea


  Major Research

  Numerical Modeling, Monitoring & Analysis on

  Atmospheric, Oceanic and Environmental Sciences


 - Air Pollution and Atmospheric Chemistry

 - Physical Oceanography & Oceanic Environment

 - Coastal Meteorology

    (Synoptic, Meso & Boundary Layer Meteorology)


 Tel:   +82-10-7240-0357 (Off), +82-33-640-2320 (Dept),


 Fax:  +82-02-805-0356,   +82-33-652-0356









Director General

     Atmospheric & Oceanic Disaster Research      Institute

     Dalim Apt. 209 ho, Songungdong 940-23

     Gangneung, Gangwondo 210-140

   Republic of Korea


 Tel:   +82-10-7240-0357 (off), +82-33-652-0356 (off)

 Fax:  +82-2-805-0356,     +82-33-652-0356     










  A part of Gangneung Campus (in Gangneung city),      Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea.

   (Another campus is in Wonju city close to Seoul)



                    (Conducted by Dr. Hyo Choi)


International Journal of Oceans & Oceanography


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American Journal of Food Science & Technology


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O New Launching Journals :


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International Educational Scientific Research Journal

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                   (Conducted by Dr. Hyo Choi)


International Biographical Centre (IBC)

     United Kingdom (England)


    Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Deputy General Director

     January 01, 2005. ~ Present


South China Sea Institute of Oceanology,

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    O Dr. Hyo Choi :

     High-end Foreign Expert (高端外国专家)

     March 01, 2015  ~ Present


IOC-WESTPAC Working Group Member of      Tropical Cyclones, (United Nation)

     (The IOC Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific      (WESTPAC) - Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, Tropical      Cyclones;

     Intergovernmental Oceanograpic Commission of      

     United Nation Educational, Scientific & Cultural      Organization (IOC / UNESCO)


    O Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Working Group Member

     January 13, 2015  ~ Present


Zhejiang Ocean University (Zhoushan),

    School of Marine Sciences, Zhoushan, Zhejiang,



    O Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Adjunct Professor (兼職敎授)

     September 25, 2013  ~ Present



Pondicherry University,

    Dept. of Disaster Management,

     Port Blair, Andaman, India


    Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Examiner of Ph.D. student dissertation      

     November 22, 2015 ~ Present


Acharva Nagarjuna University,

    Dept. of Environmental Sciences,

     Nagarjuna Nagar, Guntur District, 

     Andhra Pradesh, India


    Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Examiner of Ph.D. student dissertation      

     February 7, 2014 ~ 2015


National University of Singapore,

    Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering,

     1 Engineering Drive 2, E1A 07-03, Singapore

    (World University Ranking-12th; Asia University       Ranking 1st (2015) by QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) in         United Kingdom)


    Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Examiner of Ph.D. student dissertation      

     2010 ~ 2011


Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),

    School of Engineering & Technology,

     Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand

    (Established by SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty       Organization in 1954) in 1959 to educate high       level leaders with Master and Doctoral degrees,        coming from 50 nations, in present)


    Dr. Hyo Choi :

     Examiner of Ph.D. student dissertation      





BIT-3rd WCMB-2013 Annual World Congress of Marine

                           Biotechnology - Hangzhou, China


               (Conducted by Dr. Hyo Choi)


2nd AOGS 2005 International Meeting

                16~20 June, Singapore

   (Nation: 43; Participant; 846; Paper; 1,060)


   "OA4-Atmospheric Environment"                    

   "OA7-Urban & Regional Climatology"


 Dr. Hyo Choi :          

 Convenor"OA4 & OA7, AOGS" (2004~2005)

 Vice President: "AS Section" (2005~2006)

 Editor-In-Chief: "Advances in Geosciences-5"


3rd AQM International Symposium2005

            26~30, September, Istanbul, Turkey 


 Dr. Hyo Choi :


 International Committee member

 Guest Editor : "International Journal of Environment &


3rd AOGS 2006 International Meeting

                  10~14 July, Singapore

       (Nation: 43; Participant; 744; Paper; 844)


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 President : "AS Section" (2006~2008)  

 Editor-In-Chief:"Advances in Geosciences-5"


4th AOGS 2007 International Meeting

       31 July ~ 4 August,  Bangkok, Thailand

        (Nation: 49; Participant; 1,093; Paper; 1,172)


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 President : "AS Section" (2006~2008)  

 Editor:"Advances in Geosciences-9"


5th AOGS 2008 International Meeting

           16~20 June, Busan, Korea

   (Nation: 52; Participant; 1,627; Paper; 1,704)


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Convenor: Atmospheric Environment & Pollution (AS10)"

 President : "AS Section" (2006~2008)  


3rd International Conference Health

                         GIS, 2009

           24~26 July, 2009: Hyderabad, India


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker



6th AOGS 2009 International Meeting

               11~15 August, Singapore

     (Nation: 52;  Participant: 1,149 :  Paper: 1,226 )


 O Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Convenor:"Atmospheric Environment/Pollution (AS10)

 Vice President:"AS Section" (2008~2009)  




7th AOGS 2010 International Meeting

                5~9 July, Hyderabad, India

  (Nation: 43;  Participant: 1,054 :  Paper: 1,118 )


 O Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Convenor:"Air Pollution & Atmospheric Environment

                         Pollution Disaster Issues (AS27)



5th PEACE / CREAM Ocean Workshop


       11~12 Sept, 2010 Gangneung, Korea


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Organizing Chair: 5th PEACE Workshop



3rd International Coference on Geoinformation

    Technology for Natural Disaster Management 

                               & Rehabilitation


           19~20 Oct., 2010 Chiang Mai, Thailand


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Key Speaker


1st ECOSEAS International Conference


        19~21 Oct., 2010 Putrajaya, Malaysia


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee Member : (2010~2011)



1st DPTM2010 International Conference


          23~25 Oct., 2010: Chongqing, China


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker


5th SASTech International Symposium

           12~17 May, 2011, Mashhad, Iran


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker



8th AOGS 2011 International Meeting

           8~12 August, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan


 O Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Convenor:"Typhoon Impact on Ocean Environment &

                         Disaster (OS14)

 Convenor:"Air Quality Modeling & Monitoring (AS15)



2nd DPTM2012 International Conference

        22~24, September, 2012: Chengdu, China


Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee Member : (2010-2012)


8th International Conference on Air Quality

                            & Application


             19~23 March, 2012: Athens, Greece


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee Member : (2010-2012)


6th SASTech International Symposium

     24~25 March, 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker


4th AQM International Conference

     10~13 September, 2012, Istanbul, Turkey


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scentific Advisor



4th GIT4NDM - 2012 International             


       7~8 November, 2012, Colombo, Sri Langka


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker



ICCNCE 2013 International Conference on

     Computer, Networks & Communication


        23~24 May, 2013: Beijing, China


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Technical Committee Member


EOGC'2013 & 2013 Canadian Institute of          Geoinformatics Annual Conference

               5~7 June, 2013, Toronto, Canada


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee Member



10th AOGS 2013-Asia-Oceania Geoscience


         24~28 June, 2013, Brisbane, Australia

                          (Nation: 47; Paper; 1,300)


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Session Head Convenor - AS21


ICCE 2013-International Congress on  

             Chemistry and Environment

           8~10 July, 2013, Antwerp, Belgium

            (Nation: 20; Participant; 225)


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Session Chair


5th International Conference on Health

                              GIS 2013

          21~23 August, 2013: Bangkok, Thailand


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker

 International Advisory Committee Member


BIT-3rd WCMB-2013 Annual World Congress  

                       of Marine Biotechnology

      23~25 September, 2013, Hangzhou, Chia


 O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker

 Session Chair


Seminar, Zhejiang Ocean University-Zhoushan

                   School of Marine Sciences

      25 September, 2013, Zhoushan, Chia


 O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

  Invited Speaker

  Adjunct Professor (兼職敎授)



5th GiT4NDM - 5th International Conference

    on Geo-Information Technology for Natural                       Disaster Management


   9~11 October, 2013, Dewey College, Mississauga,                                        Ontario, Canada


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee Member



CCIT 2014 International Conference on

    Computer, Communications & Information                               Technology

      16~17 January, 2014: Beijing, China


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Technical Committee Member



9th International Conference on Air Quality - 

                    Science &  Application

       24~28 March, 2014, Garmisch-Partenkirchen,                                          Germany


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 International Scientific & Advisory Committee Member



3rd Internationa Conference on Earth

               Science & Climate Change

           28~30 July, 2014: San Francisco, USA


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Organizing Committee Member



2014 International Conference on Environmental                 Disaster Management Prediction


      18~20 August, 2014, Gangneung, Korea


 O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Chair, Organizing Committee



BIT-4th WCMB-2014 Annual World Congress

                    of Marine Biotechnology

      16~18 October, 2014, Dalian, China


 O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker


 Advisory Board Members



AOGS 2015 - 12th Annual Meeting of Asia              Oceania Geosciences Society

                   2~7 August, 2015, Singapore


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

Convenor- "AS 06 - Air Quality Modelling & Monitoring



5th International Symposium on Remote

   Sensing of Indian Ocean-South China Sea

                         & Typhoon Sciences

         24~25 August, 2015, Gangzhou, China


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Pleanary Session Chair

 Keynote Speaker



BIT's 5th WCMB-2015 Annual World      Congress of Marine Biotechnology

         6~8 November, 2015, Qingdao, China


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Advisory Board Member

  Renowned Speaker


ICESB 2015 (5th International Conference    on Environment Science & Biotechnology)

            9~11 November, 2015, Jinju, Korea


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Technical Committee Chair

 Keynote Speaker



6th International Conference on Health

                          GIS 2015

           19~21 November, 2015, Mysore, India


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Keynote Speaker


Joint EOGC-GIT4NDM 2015 Conference

 8~10 December, 2015, Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Committee



Arirang TV (UPFRONT Ep88) Discussion-

    "Strategies for the New Climate Regime" on  

    COP21 Paris Agreement (Nov. 30~Dec. 12, 

    2015, France) to UNFCCC (United Nation

    Framework Convention on Climate Change)


            10 December, 2015, Seoul, Korea


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

  Debater (in English) 

 - Director General, Atmospheric & Oceanic Disaster

    Research Institute

 - Dean, Gangneung-Wonju National Universty

 - President, Korea Environmental Sciences Society

 - Senior Researcher, Korea Advanced Institute of

   Science & Technology (KAIST), Korea Ocean Research     & Development Institute (KORDI)-

    (Korean Government Invited Overseas Scientist)



10th International Conference on Air

         Quality-Science & Application

             14~18 March, 2016, Milan, Italy


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 International Scientific & Advisory Committee Member



BIT's 6th Low Carbon & Green Growth

                       Earth Summit

             June 30~July 3, 2016, Seoul, Korea


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Scientific Advisory Board Member



2016 2nd International Conference on      

     Advances in Environment Research

                      (ICAER 2016)

             7~9 July, 2016, Shanghai, China


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Conference Chair,

 Technical Committee Member,

  Keynote Speaker



 2017 4th International Conference on Coastal

            & Ocean Engineering (ICCOE 2017)

            28~30 March, 2017, Osaka, Japan


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

Keynote Speaker



2017 3rd International Conference on      

    Advances in Environment Research

                      (ICAER 2017)

             23~25 May, 2017, Beijing, China


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Conference Chair

 Technical Committee

 Keynote Speaker



2017 7th International Conference on      

    Environment Scienc & Biotechnology

                      (ICESB 2017)

             27~29 December, 2017, Tokyo, Japan


O. Dr. Hyo Choi :

 Conference Chair

 Keynote Speaker



11th International Conference on Air 

         Quality - Science &  Application

       12~16 March, 2018, Barocelona, Spain


 Dr. Hyo Choi :

 International Scientific & Advisory Committee Member